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“Of all weapons, love is the most deadly and devastating, and few there be who dare trust their fate in its hands.” 

― Howard Thurman

Mission:  What are we seeking to Achieve?

 Our mission is to help students:

  •  Identify and develop their natural abilities to affect positive change in their environment - POWER.

  • Develop a motive of love for their actions and public leadership - LOVE.

  • Develop critical thinking skills and the ability to respond confidently to cultural realities and issues - SOUND MIND.


Strategy:  How will we accomplish our Mission?

The strategy for achieving our missional objective is to facilitate immersion experiences and gatherings for robust and intentional dialogue around topics related to:

  • Faith.

  • Culture.

  • Leadership.


Throughout the school year, we meet twice a month for a time of Intentional Dialogue (ID).  During "ID" gatherings, a facilitator initiates the dialogue with a premise, a summation, or scenario related to Faith, Culture, and/or Leadership. Afterward's - time is given for participants to reflect and bottom-line their thoughts in preparation for an open discussion. 

Itinerary for ID gatherings:

When: Sunday at 6 pm – 7:30  (Twice A Month)

Where: Western Theological Seminary (Maas Hall)

What to bring: Pen, Pad, and a readiness to engage.

*Food and/or snacks will be provided for every gathering*

Other Experiences:

Throughout the year, and especially during the summer, we will facilitate workshops, conferences, and immersion trips/experiences - Each with the intent of accomplishing our missional objectives. 

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